Achieving success in sales has never been easy, but today’s complex business environment and increasingly competitive market presents unprecedented challenges:

  • Many prospective customers have experienced salespeople and telemarketers “pitching” a broad range of poorly targeted products and services, making them resistant to almost ANY sales call, over the telephone or in person.

  • The most profitable products and services are quickly “cloned” by competitors, making differentiation more difficult. So profit margins are slimmer and product life cycles are shorter.

  • Everyone wants first-class custom solutions – but they also want bargain basement generic pricing.

In this environment, selling has become difficult for people who use outdated, manipulative tactics, or for those who aren’t quite sure what to do, or aren’t confident in their abilities.

If you are selling in a competitive environment with challenging prospects, maybe it’s time to get real: REAL Selling™ is an in-depth consultative selling process proven to increase gross sales revenue, profitability, repeat business and salesperson morale.

REAL Selling is based upon 4 stages of communication between salespeople and prospective customers.

Research > Explore > Advocate > Lend Assistance

  • Research to build your selling success on a solid foundation of information and knowledge.

  • Explore to gain a clear, complete and mutual understanding of your prospective customer’s needs, challenges and decision making process.

  • Advocate Solutions that are directly relevant to the needs you have discovered.

  • Lend Assistance to help your customer realize the maximum benefits from the products and services you are recommending.

For more information regarding REAL Selling you can request a free preview and/or speak to one of our sales training specialists by calling  (763) 390-2430.

We know you have many choices when it comes to sales training for your organization. Hundreds of choices. Thousands actually. But there IS a difference when you work with Frontline Learning, from our strategic analysis of your organizational needs to the tactical execution of sales training initiatives with quick, tangible ROI.

We understand hat today's volatile marketplace creates constant competitive movement, fluctuating threats and lucrative opportunities. Success requires a fluid approach and an organization that can anticipate and respond within limited windows of opportunity.

Our unique distinction and key strength is the degree of insight and expertise we bring to the table when our sales consulting team works with you to successfully optimize and execute your go-to-market strategies. Optimization begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes and strategies. We define competitive strengths and threats, plus performance gaps and growth potential. To assure implementation and mastery, we develop execution plans that track directly with sales performance objectives to bridge the gap between strategy and sales results.

Measurable Results, Tangible ROI

We believe sales consulting responsibility goes beyond assessment and recommendation. A sales consulting engagement is not complete until the client has achieved successful implementation. We will assure that your objectives are translated into measurable performance improvement and bottom-line results.


Your internal training staff can deliver this program. The Facilitation and Coaching Guide features fully scripted training modules, handouts, overhead masters and PowerPoint presentations.


This program is available in an e-learning format also. The unique structure of the e-learning course has an individual complete the program over a 30-day period..


The complete course is also available in DvD format.


An audio CD is available for each module within the REAL Selling program. Every audio reinforcement program is designed to reinforce the new skills, habits and attitudes that are emphasized in the Facilitated workshops.

The REAL Selling program also includes two bonus modules. Managing Complex Accounts which helps salespeople maximize the profit potential of their largest accounts, and Strategic Thinking, Planning and Selling which is designed to help salespeople grow their business strategically.


You don’t know me.

You don't know my company.

You don't know what is REALLY important to me...

...and you haven't earned the right to ask.

You want to sell something to ME?