Professional Selling SkillMap TM

Assessment and Development Guide


  • Uniquely comprehensive, measuring 20 distinct skill categories

  • Uniquely effective as a training tool, with assessment results linked directly to a broad range of available skill development resources

  • Uniquely affordable, at less than $60 per salesperson.


What's the point of completing a selling skills assessment if you can't quickly and easily leverage the results to begin developing new capabilities based upon the assessment results?



This assessment of consultative selling skills was developed specifically to be a coaching tool to help sales managers focus their performance improvement activities, and to help individual salespeople in their self-coaching efforts.

Upon completion of the assessment, a salesperson receives an immediate feedback report regarding strengths and skill development opportunities. Numerous training resources are available to begin training immediately, targeting the areas identified by the assessment.

For example, if an individual scored low in the areas of prospecting and asking strategic questions, these could be addressed immediately through e-learning courses, audio CD, individual coaching or onsite workshops - using the Facilitation and Coaching Guide.

Sales Assessment

Assessment of Selling Skills


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Provide complete training in each of the 20 skill categories. Individuals can complete the entire program, but most instead focus only on the skill categories that were identified as development opportunities by the assessment.

Provides a detailed guide for administering the skills assessment along with a fully scripted 1-hour workshop for each of the 20 selling skill categories. Handouts, overhead masters and PowerPoint presentations are also included for each workshop.

A DvD video is available for each of the 20 skill categories. These can be used for individual self-paced learning or group training sessions.

An audio CD is available for each of the 20 selling skill categories. Every audio reinforcement program is designed to reinforce the new skills, habits and attitudes that are emphasized in the Facilitated workshops.


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