Free Training for Unemployed People


Frontline Learning is making over 40 online learning courses available to 5000 unemployed individuals. Any currently unemployed person is eligible to receive these programs simply be registering online (see form below).

These online courses focus on general workplace capabilities as well as selling, customer service and productivity skills. A course titled "Win the Job War" is designed to help unemployed people compete in a tough job market.

If you are currently unemployed these free online courses can:

  • Keep your skills sharp as your job search progresses

  • Help you stay motivated and engaged

  • Provide you with completion certificates to present during job interviews


Giving Thanks by Giving Back


We know that unemployment can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life, especially around the holidays. Our goal is to help individuals take advantage of this time by improving skills, preparing for job interviews, and positioning themselves to win the intense competition for the best jobs.

If you are unemployed, complete the form below to register for these free courses.

If someone you know is unemployed, please forward this page to them.    

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