Many sales training programs are designed to lock an organization into a specific process and methodology, making it difficult to integrate new techniques or strategies, especially those developed "on the ground" by an organization's own salesforce. But in reality, often the most effective selling techniques and selling skills are those developed from the bottom up. From the beginning, Frontline Learning was committed to developing sales training programs and resources with an "open architecture" that allows for easy customization and integration with an organization's unique selling cycle. Consultative sales training and prospecting skills training are based upon real world strategies for complex and competitive markets. Sales assessments are available to help you target your training. If your focus is on overcoming objections, presenting benefits or strategic selling, you will find specific sales training programs to fit your needs.

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Time Management

Territory Management

Handling Adversity

Asking Tactical Questions

Asking Strategic Questions

Presenting Benefits

Gaining Commitment

Overcoming Objections



Real SellingTM


Strategic and Consultative Sales Training for Complex and Competitive Markets


What to Do When Customers Aren't Buying

Don't Hire Ugly Salespeople

Why Most Salespeople are Failures

Dealing with the Customer from Hell

When Bad Things Happen to Good Salespeople

Why Most Sales Training Stinks

Developing a Solid Competitor Strategy

Negotiation Skills Every Salesperson Needs

How to "identify Needs" when the Customer Doesn't Know

Are You as Good as You Think You Are?

What it Really Takes to Win Business in a Down Economy



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